Becoming part of ESN Denmark is really easy!

If your university has already an ESN section:

You can always contact them to join. Local sections always need new people!
Visit our Sections page to know how to contact them!

If your university does not have an ESN section, it is also possible!

If you are (or want to become) a student association related to exchange students, you may consider joining the ESN network.

Why applying to be part of ESN Denmark?

International dimension

ESN is one of the biggest student organisations not only in Denmark, but also in Europe. ESN has more than 14.000 members, it is present in 37 countries and in more than 400 higher education institutions (HEI). Joining ESN will bring another international dimension to your organisation.


Being part of the network will open up perspectives to participate in or contribute to international and national projects and events. You will benefit from other sections’ work and activities, notably through exchange of ideas and know-how, and improve your offer to your own exchange students.

National and International Events

As ESN member, you will have the chance to participate in numerous national and international events.

  • Events for international students: ESN organises several events for their sections, such as the Trip to Lapland or the ESN Sea Battle.
  • Events for ESNers: ESN organises several national and international events to empower the network and take important decisions at a national and International level. Examples are the National Platform, the Annual General Meeting, the Northern European Platform, the project meetings or the educational events of the training program of ESN: Eduk8.


In terms of image, ESN is a quality label, to be used for public relations and recruiting; your association will become more visible to students, academic officials or sponsors. Furthermore, the network can provide substantial support (material, technical, administrative, etc.) to assist your association with developing or sustaining a difficult phase.

How to Apply?

All student organizations that work in accordance with ESN’s purpose and goals are entitled to apply for membership of ESN Denmark.

The application shall be done following the requirements set by ESN International.

Applications must be sent to the National Board at least three (3) weeks prior to a national platform so that voting on the admission can be carried out at the forthcoming meeting. If an application is received later, the requesting organization has the right to attend and present themselves on the National Platform. Applicant organizations must be prepared to verbally present themselves in front of the members of a National Platform where decisions on admission will be taken.

The procedure to become an ESN Denmark section takes place in 2 steps:

  1. Become an ESN Candidate section: In the first National Platform, the organisation shall first  apply to become an ESN Candidate Section.
  2. Become an ESN section: In the successive National Platform, the organisation can apply to become an ESN section.